About survivorsheal  Hello I am 42 Years old. I am a survivor of sexual and physical abuse.I suffered abuse for 25 years of my life. I recently left a marriage that consisted of sexual and physical abuse. I started writing a journal to describe the abuse in my life and the healing of this. I realize that the Lord has a destine in our life, everthing happens for a reason. So I know calling is to inspire victims to get out and speakout of abuse in your lives. noone should have to suffer as I did. I suffer from agoraphbia and social anxiety with panic , pstd. bipolar, and deprssion . This is caused by the abuse i have encountered. For to many years I have isolated myself in shame. Its time for healing so i find my own healing is though helping other victims. I trust in our Lord he will help see me through my calling. GOD BLESS


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  1. Thank you survivorsheal for joining up with Freedomborn,, I was looking forward to our sharing together but it seems you don’t respond to your comments so not sure why you Post on a Blog, to me it’s a conversation so I will move on but I would like to share a link with you before I do because there is something that is very much needed when we have been abused or we will never recover from it.

    Rescued- http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/rescued-from-the-graveyard/

    Christian Love – Anne

      • It was not because you did not respond survivorsheal to my comment, I only posted it yesterday but I noticed you haven’t responded on this Post and on other Posts to people’s comments. To me Blogging is a Conversation it’s not one sided, so if those who own Blogs ignore peoples comments, I move on and I do not accept a “like” as a response, although I do add the other like above when I respond or appreciate a message fePos.

        God tells us to do unto others what we want them to do for us, so it seems those who ignore others what to be ignored too and to ignore or worse to delete others is unloving if they don’t agree they need to confirm with Scripture why they don’t or ask for Scripture that confirms what is shared.

        But I do feel your pain survivorsheal and great Compassion for you having had a lot of abuse in my life too which my Post link above and some of my other Posts confirm but I was healed when I forgave those in my heart who hurt me

        Blessings – Anne.

      • My laptop has been down so I try to comment through my phone which gets a bit confusing. Also my health is not well so between hospitals and recuperating I don’t usually go on as much as I should be. I will try yo be note active not that I understand how to beiw more on phone.
        I asked the Lord to forgive my abusers and hand them over to him. I forgive my past. It was the first step to do before I was able to speak out to others.

  2. Hello my name is Elizabeth. I recently moved from Chicago to Albuquerque, NM. This is going to sound strange but a few days ago I had a dream about a beautiful purple butterfly that landed on my hand and stung me? It didn’t hurt but I felt it was trying to get my attention more than anything. Perhaps 2 weeks ago I saw an actual white butterfly, in winter? I’m not sure if it’s common in New Mexico or not but its not common in Illinois!

    Yesterday I got a keychain from one of those gumball machine for my 6 year old daughter because she wanted to attach it to her book bag. As I opened the container I noticed a purple butterfly keychain!

    I suddenly found a hair clip that’s purple and pink when unpacking a box. It’s just strange but I also believe it to be a sign.

    I’ve been suffering with anxiety and depression all my life and got worse as I had children. I prayed to our God to heal me because I was tired of taking meds of any sort. I realized my depression stems from years of sexual, emotional and physical abuse.

    Lately I’ve been calling myself a survivor instead of a victim. I realized that this is just a journey between God and myself. No one, not even my husband can take me out of this. I believe I am in the process of being healed and will be free of my own personal hell that no one seems to understand or cares to understand. I am glad I found your page! It all makes sense now!


    • I truly believe our Lord has many ways to speak to us whether its in our dreams or just a small thing like an object from a gumball machine or whatever. I believe we are all survivors ofnoir past because we live to help speak out. The more we speak out and victims see they are not alone they will eventually share their stories to inspire all abuse victims become survivors.

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