The Long Term Effects of Child Abuse

People don’t often think of the long term effects a victim of child abuse suffer from as they enter adulthood. Child abuse is not something you outgrow, something that will just fade away. Especially when some abuse goes on for years and went unknown. So many children live in abuse that is unreported for many reasons. Even with reported cases a victim lives with the mental effects that was caused by the abuse.
Quite often a victim of abuse enter their adult years with mental illness.
Some mental illnesses being more severe than others. Depression, anxiety, suicide, self hate, low self esteem, ptsd, dissociative disorder, and more. Often the mental illnesses lead to more serious effects like anger, rage or drug addiction.
Often society has judged mental illness and drug addiction, not knowing how ones past was. These judgements only case the mental illness to worsen and become a danger. Mental illness and drug addiction is not a choice like society often sees it to be.
I myself a survivor of child abuse suffered many years of mental illness. I lived with agoraphobia, depression and panic disorders. I was suicidal in my past. I was judged where my self blame only grew worse.
We have to keep reaching out to victims of abuse and help them become survivors. Let them know they don’t have to fight their past alone. Show them people do care and are willing to help them.
We cannot let street drug addiction keep killing young people today. We have to put the suicidal rates of young adults and children down. Its time to stand up and be their voices . Reach out and help change a life.