“Take Back The Night”

I am so proud of my fellow Rome citizens. I grew up in Rome my entire life and I have to say they have really stepped up over the past few years trying to end domestic violence .
Having such community support helps more victims come out and speak out of the abuse they have or are enduring in their relationships. I myself had hid in violence for many years behind my closed doors. I did not speak about it I his in shame. My daughters were forced to live through the mental and emotional effects of my abuse.  In 2012 I finally said I could no longer hide because it has caused much depression, self blame and feeling unworthy as a mother to my girls. I began writing as my way of healing and speaking out to other victims . We are no longer victims we are survivors and conquerors. I will continue to help every victims come out and speak out. No one should ever feel ashamed or alone.

I want to give a personal thanks  to the Rome NY Police Department,  the city of Rome , YWCA and the women fighting to continue the awareness ,for making this event possible.
As long these supporter continue to keep ” Take Back the Night ” awareness for domestic violence going them hundreds of victims in violence will find it easier to become a survivor.


The Donald Henderburg Memorial LAX Foundation and family and friends of Stephanie Morrison sponsored a fundraiser for awareness and raised money for this bench.  Sadly Stephanie Morrison life was taken by a domestic violence act in 2013. The seat of the bench is engraved “Domestic Violence ‘Give It A Rest”



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