Abuse in the workplace


I like to take time out to post this for a close friend of mine as I am sure so many people are going through the same as she is now.

Mary is an abuse survivor from her past. She host a radio blog show to continue to use her voice to speak out to other victims. She is an advocate to many and help them become survivors. She has helped me in my past. She is very strong.

Now like many she is going thru another form of abuse every day. She gets up each day to go to work. There she is bullied by her superior and fellow employees, why because of her race. She is belittled and pout down in front of others on a daily basis.

She has no choice to put up with the situation she is because it is her source of income . If she is to walk away now from her job she has no means to pay her living expenses in life.

Mary has called the labor board and did not get much assistance with her situation other than to get a lawyer .

I am sure so many other people have to put up with abuse in the workplace. It’s sad but not mentioned enough in today’s society. These people have families to support, a roof and warm safe place to live and have to keep food on their tables: therefore they continue to have to work and put up with bullying, racial slurs and mentally emotional abuse everyday.

We need to find ways to fight this form of abuse now. Everyone should be able to enjoy their job while earning a living.