Who Are Your True Triends?

Today I had to sit down and write this post just to clear my mind.

Do you really know who your true friends are?  Friends come in so many  tpes: there are friends you hold dear to your heart, so are their to prey on your vulnerability and some who call themselves a friend but really don’t stick with you.

I recently found out hard way that friends don’t always show the true meaning. I have a friend that I have known for 19+ years. My best friend,  I called her my sister at heart. Our children grew up together, we shared good times as well as bad. We laughed together and cried together. We were inseparable. Until I changed to better myself and became stronger person.

For years I have lived in an abusive marriage with an alcoholic. He was physically and mentally abusive. I ended my marriage three years ago. I then slipped into a severe depression. It seemed just around the same time my friends stopped coming around so that left me alone and scared. Then a friend did start coming around. He promise to help lift me back up. Only later I found that this person only preyed on the vulnerable and weak so I fell deeper into my agoraphobic world. I was scared to leave my home. closed myself in my room coming out very little. My children me just falling apart inside.

I was lost, scared and feeling  worthless. I felt I was a failure of a woman and a mother.  I was giving up on myself and became mentally and physically sick. It was then when my friend told me I need to stop relying on friends and get over things on my own. I did just that and started getting out more. I pushed through my pain .

I met my now boyfriend, , who has helped me this past two years. He has taught me to love and mostly to love myself again. I could not have done all this on my own. I changed me for the better I am much stronger than I was my entire life, I am a stronger mom and a strong woman. I lost many friends in my life just by growing strong.

If people cant see I have changed for the better which has literally saved my life, the they weren’t my true friends to begin with, sad to say. I am hurt but I have to still keep moving forward in life now. I am not looking back those who choose to follow me in my next journey in life they can follow , if they choose to stay behind I cannot look back. I will always keep doors open I love my friends but most of all I love my life.


One thought on “Who Are Your True Triends?

  1. I used to think I had a lot of friends …but when I encounted trouble in my life (mostly of my own doing I admit) I found out who my true friends were one really who has been my friend from child hood has been there for me no matter what and he never judged me. He is my best friend. Very nice post.

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