My journey continues to grow.

As the third year since my last abuse approaches, I continue to make positive steps.

I have made so many accomplishments into changing my life. I am getting out everyday and try not to look back at my agoraphobia. I continue to work on the health issues I have with the neurological problems I deal with.

I been in a very strong relationship for two years now. The man (John) I am with continues to help me recover from my past. I couldn’t ask for a better person to share my journey of healing with. He has been so supportive and understanding the past to years. There are days when I worry, get anxious and over think a lot of the past. He helps me by comforting talks of encouragement.

We have traveled and went camping a lot this past summer. I love going to new places and see God’s nature. No more hiding in dark places.

I am a survivor of my past, I know because my entire life was abuse I will have setbacks. I will always continue to push through these setbacks.


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