Healing the Body Mind and Soul

There come a point in our lives where our body, mind and soul get out of alignment. We get mentally and physically exhausted where we are no longer feeling whole or complete with ourselves. We lose grasp with our inner-peace and become very anxious dealing with everyday stressors. We can become mentally ill if we can no longer find a way to align our mind, body and soul. When you suffer from any type of mental illness whether it is anxiety, panic, social and/or agoraphobia, d…issociative disorder, bipolar disorders and many other labels doctors will give us we tend to give up on own faith or even sometimes on faith in our Lord in heaven. We fall down into a pit and have a hard struggles trying to climb out. Feeling of worthlessness, darkness, fears, destruction, pain. and betrayal take over our mind , bodies and souls.
So how can we learn to align ourselves back to health? Many will tell you that it takes spiritual healing. What is spiritual healing?  This healing is through the Lord our maker. It gives us peace, joy, hope,  and a divine destine from the spirits. It helps us become whole.
Have you ever heard of the saying ask and you will receive? To receive spiritual healing, all you need is ask. Then he healer will come.
The healing will take time and commitment. Your mind, body and soul did not become out of alignment overnight  so your healing cant happen overnight.    I have overcome mental illness through our faith in Jesus our savior.