Judged By Society

  Being Judged by Society


I have lived for many years with mental illness.  I have had revisited a mental hospital on some occasions to dealing with these illnesses and adjusting medications. My mental illness stems from the abuse I had lived for many years, physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually.  I have agoraphobia, panic disorders, anxiety, pstd., and depression Through Jesus my conditions are at a stable state now.


Living with such illnesses has been very hard to live with and face society with them. The emotional abuse is one thing I cannot escape from. This seems to follow me a lot not by my past abusers but by society itself.


Allot of people do not understand that mental illness is just that an illness. Society does not see it this way and I feel unjust by many. More people need to understand we do not choose to live the way we have with mental illness and they need to stop judging us.


A lot of time we are judge on a daily basis by the public, family or even by our closes friends. This is emotional abusing us on a continuous level. It’s not a chose we have it is real just as real as many other illness there is out there.


Sometimes even by going to our own physicians or emergency visit at the hospital. They have listed in our records the mental illness we have so as soon as we check in to the office or hospital the immediately see a reflagged patient. I myself have waked into situations like this far too many times. Do I feel with this I get full medical treatment at the time? “No!”  I don’t feel we are treated as other patients who come in. I find this often. Before listening or looking at physical symptoms they look at anxiety cause for symptoms.


Beginning of last year I had went to get medical attention for lower abdominal pain went to emergency room twice for the same symptoms and both times told it was irritable bowel syndrome do to stress and anxiety and dismissed with this diagnosis. The third time I was in more pain so they did do further test. They had found I had suffered pain from uterine and ovary problems that required surgery. If left untreated could cause potential danger. It’s easier to find blaming symptoms on anxiety symptoms this is an unjust suffering in pain do to neglect judgment and abuse to me.


A lot of times friends and family no matter how close they are to you can emotionally hurt you too. Without them sometimes even realizing they are causing you emotional hurt and pain also. When we feel anxious or depressed we tend to try to reach out and need others support to feel better or just to talk. People tend to not want to be bothered by this and put you aside on the back burner per say until you feel better as if we had just burdened their day.


My personal feelings have left me to realize how ignorant society is to mental illnesses. They are too quick to pass judgment .They don’t take the time to listen or try to comfort others.



6 thoughts on “Judged By Society

  1. I really like this post. You make some great points. I too have depression and anxiety. I call it “anxession” — lol. It is true that most of society does not understand it. Unless a person has it, it is very hard to explain it to then. That’s why instead of saying I’m depressed or anxious or whatever, I use physical symptoms to explain the way I feel, e.g., I have a bad headache or my stomach is upset–things like that. People get this. And you are right, once you are “labeled” with a mental illness, it is easy for doctors to write off real symptoms that could be causing the issue.

    • It is sad, and I don’t feel the medical computers should red flag a patients records as having mental illness. It take away the rights of receiving proper medical treatment. What ever happen to our Hippa laws.

  2. oh the damage the revilers (abusers) do, and the worst of it is, these ravenous WOLVES have succeeded to drive many from the Gospel and into places where atheism is preached.

  3. The people who understand the most are the people who have been there. I find that all my kindred spirits are mentally ill. I feel they have and practice a better empathy and are less dismissive of people in general. On the very rare occasions that I pour my heart out it is never to someone who presents as “normal”. This is a huge issue in my own therapy. I cannot trust someone who has not been there, and I am reluctant to be vulnerable with people who have no experience in my issues.

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