Prayers For Children

If everyone can please say a prayer for my children. Their father has had a massive heart attack and then followed by a stroke this week in critical condition. I had to be strong for my girls today. He has made the wrong choices in his life after I left him from abusive ways . Once I left him he has not been a part of the girls life by his own choice. This has mentally and emotionally hurt the gir…ls for quite some time. some fathers need to realize they are not hurting us single mom’s they are hurting their children the Lord has blessed us with. my girls had mixed emotions on whether to go visit him tomorrow morning knowing he has made wrong choices and chose not to be a part of their up bringing. I sat them down and told them the right thing Jesus wants us to do is always close doors behind us and do the right thing and go see their father.” Heavenly Father I ask of you to embrace my children with strength and forgive past situations so they can continue to walk in your Grace Father! Amen!” Please say a prayer tonight not only for my girls but for the children all over whom suffer the wrong choices an adult makes that impact our children today. Thank you Friends.

2 thoughts on “Prayers For Children

  1. Heavenly Father, Please be with these dear children today and always. Help them to make right choices in their lives, especially right now in regards to their father. May he be able to accept You and Your salvation before the inevitable happens, and if possible, reconciled to his children. Please bless this dear family with your peace, comfort and strength. IJNA

    Sylvia (still reading and praying)

    On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 10:58 AM, survivorheal

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