From abuse to Jesus:

From abuse to Jesus: Memoir follows couple’s fierce journey Mistreatment of mentally ill drives two individuals to find God Approximately 57.7 million people in the U.S. suffer from a diagnosable  mental disorder in a given year.  Recent reports from Fox News estimate most people with mental disorders in the United States  remain either untreated or poorly treated.  Authors Angel Joan and Mark Lewis have both struggled with mental illness, physical and  emotional abuse and an array of other heartbreaking and life-altering ailments that led them  away from God. Now the two friends are telling their stories of redemption and healing through  Jesus.  My Spiritual Healing Through Jesus  tells Joan and Lewis’s stories with a raw and unapologetic  honesty that will make the reader weep, shake with sorrow and cheer with excitement and hope.  “When people would see me smile, they had no idea of all the pain and misery I was feeling due  to the hand of my abuser,” said Joan. “I would put on a façade in order to get through life until I  found hope in Christ!”  Joan breaks the mold by making her story available to the public, all while suffering agoraphobia  and social anxiety.  “Embarrassment and shame usually prevent people from speaking out about what’s important,”  said Lewis. “It usually silences the victims – but we hope our words give strength to others to  do the same.”  My Spiritual Healing Through Jesus By Angel Joan and Mark Lewis E-book, $3.99  ISBN:  : 9781449764173  Available at http://www.  About the authors Angel Joan, mother of two daughters, was born and raised in  N.Y.. After the birth of her  first daughter, Joan was diagnosed with agoraphobia along with panic disorders, depression  and PTSD. Joan enjoys writing poetry, reading, painting and contributing to her blog. A faithful  Christian, she gives credit to Jesus Christ for helping heal her from her traumatic past. My  Spiritual Healing Through Jesus  is her first book.  Mark Lewis was born and raised in  N.Y.. Along with his twin brother, Lewis has always  been fond of the wellbeing of animals. After opening and operating his own local pet store,  Lewis formed a special and unique bond with his community. After having to unfortunately  close his business in 2008, Lewis began suffering from depression. Joan and Lewis have  created a special bond and with their faith in Jesus Christ and have been able to overcome  many of their mental illnesses together. My Spiritual Healing Through Jesus is Crever’s first  book.  Westbow Press publishing  .


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