What Is Love

                                 What Is Love



wirtten in a males perspective


Love is a gift given to us by our creator Himself. There is nothing like it in the world than can give you the sensation of wholeness. Feeling safe and understanding is a precious and nuturing gift.


Butterflies in the stomach feeling, as the old saying  goes love is a sickness. Butterflies as we call them is a feeling of the anxiousness that sometimes is mistaken for fear, anxiety and unsteadiness. The feelings of uncertainess can be turned around by thinking of fear for being exited.


Our minds have a way to play with the emotions that people sometimes dont understand. Only the people involved can know trhe feeling of total wholeness. The body, mind, and soul need to be aligned to really become warm with the gift given to us sometimes is a person whom really knows us.


Friends, aquaintances, or just a neighbor whom we see all the time couldbe overlooked as a person who listens to our conversations, concerns, unsteadiness,hurt,pain and self destructive thinking. The power of conversation or just a simple hello can change a persons path.


I can tell you that how we percieve life as an adult is guided or brought to us by learning it from our families. A nurturing parent giving all we need in life protecting us from the outside enviroment and the damage of people who are negative can be just as damaging as being victimized. A helicopter parent is a normal feeling to make sure that we are safe. but the method of parenting is unhealthy as it doesnt allow the  child or children to fall and make their own mistakes.


What is love? I can tell you what love is not.  It isn’t jealousness, hurtful, painful and it does cause sickness. When you are controlled by a person or persons in your life whom keep you from being yourself it is not a normal feeling and causes you to become sick to you stomach and cause fearful feelings.


Just look in the mirror and do some soul searching. Ask yourself  “what is love?” the real question should be “what is love not?”  We always look for others to answers to the simple questions. We need answers but soul search in your heart and the answers will appear.


When somthing causes you to be fearful  or anxious it is time to relign you life so you can be the person whom God has chosen for you.


We get trial and tribulations to guide our path of our journey. No one knows the pain and confusion that someone has unless they have lived in you shoes and followe the same footsteps as you.


Just listen to your gut feeling about the things in your life that does not seem right. Look at the way someone treats you or neglects simple courtiness.


Our paths are guided at birth. We really dont really know how or why. Everything in life is numericif you sit and think about it. The day you are born, the body temperture, the blood pressure, how much you weigh. I can make numeric defination of your simple existence.


Just a simple “hello how are you? ” or “can I help you with something?” can cheer a person up or fire their soul again. just follow life we have guardian angels here on earth.



Prayers For Children

If everyone can please say a prayer for my children. Their father has had a massive heart attack and then followed by a stroke this week in critical condition. I had to be strong for my girls today. He has made the wrong choices in his life after I left him from abusive ways . Once I left him he has not been a part of the girls life by his own choice. This has mentally and emotionally hurt the gir…ls for quite some time. some fathers need to realize they are not hurting us single mom’s they are hurting their children the Lord has blessed us with. my girls had mixed emotions on whether to go visit him tomorrow morning knowing he has made wrong choices and chose not to be a part of their up bringing. I sat them down and told them the right thing Jesus wants us to do is always close doors behind us and do the right thing and go see their father.” Heavenly Father I ask of you to embrace my children with strength and forgive past situations so they can continue to walk in your Grace Father! Amen!” Please say a prayer tonight not only for my girls but for the children all over whom suffer the wrong choices an adult makes that impact our children today. Thank you Friends.

From abuse to Jesus:

From abuse to Jesus: Memoir follows couple’s fierce journey Mistreatment of mentally ill drives two individuals to find God Approximately 57.7 million people in the U.S. suffer from a diagnosable  mental disorder in a given year.  Recent reports from Fox News estimate most people with mental disorders in the United States  remain either untreated or poorly treated.  Authors Angel Joan and Mark Lewis have both struggled with mental illness, physical and  emotional abuse and an array of other heartbreaking and life-altering ailments that led them  away from God. Now the two friends are telling their stories of redemption and healing through  Jesus.  My Spiritual Healing Through Jesus  tells Joan and Lewis’s stories with a raw and unapologetic  honesty that will make the reader weep, shake with sorrow and cheer with excitement and hope.  “When people would see me smile, they had no idea of all the pain and misery I was feeling due  to the hand of my abuser,” said Joan. “I would put on a façade in order to get through life until I  found hope in Christ!”  Joan breaks the mold by making her story available to the public, all while suffering agoraphobia  and social anxiety.  “Embarrassment and shame usually prevent people from speaking out about what’s important,”  said Lewis. “It usually silences the victims – but we hope our words give strength to others to  do the same.”  My Spiritual Healing Through Jesus By Angel Joan and Mark Lewis E-book, $3.99  ISBN:  : 9781449764173  Available at http://www.  barnesandnoble.com  About the authors Angel Joan, mother of two daughters, was born and raised in  N.Y.. After the birth of her  first daughter, Joan was diagnosed with agoraphobia along with panic disorders, depression  and PTSD. Joan enjoys writing poetry, reading, painting and contributing to her blog. A faithful  Christian, she gives credit to Jesus Christ for helping heal her from her traumatic past. My  Spiritual Healing Through Jesus  is her first book.  Mark Lewis was born and raised in  N.Y.. Along with his twin brother, Lewis has always  been fond of the wellbeing of animals. After opening and operating his own local pet store,  Lewis formed a special and unique bond with his community. After having to unfortunately  close his business in 2008, Lewis began suffering from depression. Joan and Lewis have  created a special bond and with their faith in Jesus Christ and have been able to overcome  many of their mental illnesses together. My Spiritual Healing Through Jesus is Crever’s first  book.  Westbow Press publishing  .

How we become our worst enemy after an abusive relationship;

How we become our worst enemy after an abusive relationship;

 You are always told that it’s your fault. Somehow, whatever happens, however it starts, the ultimate blame is always yours. Notice that we are talking ultimate blame here. The blaming partner will always tell you that their behavior was caused by what you said or did. In fact, their argument runs along the lines that you can’t possibly blame them for anything, because if you hadn’t said what you said, or done what you did it would never have happened.


Your abuser has told you through years of abuse no one wants a mentally ill person. Always being told you are worthless who wants you, your ugly and can’t find anyone. You begin to believe this and give up on yourself and having happiness anywhere and just continue to stay in the abuse.


When in an abusive relationship you start to blame yourself for the abuse. Thinking maybe you’re just not satisfying your mate. You keep trying harder to meet the person’s satisfaction thinking it would stop his/ her abusive behavior. Self-doubt begins to take a toll mentally and the harder you work the worse you begin to stress yourself esteem more.  You feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells just so you won’t start a conflict or fight.


 You then later on fear rejection and acceptance from others. Self-esteem is low where you feel even though you’re not being put down or judged. Fear of not saying the right things, not fitting in, and not being good enough.

You begin to develop your our fears even when out of the abusive relationship. Constantly looking over your shoulders in fears of getting hit or attacked again.