I have not blogged in a bit,  sorry to all. I have been busy getting my book finished and getting out a lot more. Overcoming agoraphobia has been getting so easy for me now. I love the outdoors, the falls, trees, clouds, birds, mountains and everything Our Father has created for us to enjoy.

I had post a few months ago on how domestic violence is hurting our children. Lately I been seeing a whole different way of how my daughter has been affected by this. She has been very physically abusive to me. I see so much hurt, rage and anger in her when she is upset. When she needs discipline or is told to do chores or anything she does not want to deal with at the time she becomes very hostile and angry. I try to stop it before she gets to her anger point but it is harder each time to stop this.

I have discussed this with her therapist, school psychologist and her father but no one seems to take this as serious as I do. This worries me because if this behavior escalates any further she may have an awful time with self-control.

The last two times she has become physical I had no chose but to call police. This was the hardest thing for a mother to do this to her own child. It was a hard decision but I was putting her first. I wanted to show her that abuse is abuse and it’s against the law. I wanted to show her there is actions for behavior as such.

Not everyone may agree that I made the right chose by doing this, but i was running out of answers on how to take control of this situation. She now is receiving more help outside the home.

I am writing this blog just to remind everyone whether victims or abusers that domestic violence is hurting our children in so many ways. We have to act together a stop violence in our homes.We have to put our children first.