When it’s You Own Daughter That’s The Victim

When it’s You Own Daughter That’s The Victim

It’s a very hard thing when you see your own daughter fall into being a victim of abuse. I see this with my own daughter already It hurts really bad to see this. My daughter is only 17 and I see her fallen to be a young victim.

My daughter has struggle with herself since she was 4 years old a victim of sexual abuse by a 40 year old man. Then again once she was 13 she had an encountered another exposure to such pain. This has caused her to have a low self-esteem and to be very naive.

I have had her in counseling since she was 5 years old. She was diagnosed with dissociative disordered at the age 8.  At one point in her teen years she began to question her own sexuality the psychiatrist reassured me this was normal for victims of abuse.

She now at 17 has already been bruised by a boy punching her a few months ago. We had to file police reports once she admitted where the bruises came from so he is restrained from her now.

She is into a new relationship. The one seems to control her already. He is screening her phone calls checking texted messaged and checking her emails. I had talked with her when I noticed this happening to her. She is a beautiful girl who once dreamed of a modeling career. This person she is with does not allow her the use of makeup. He times her as she goes to stores for me.

Once I began to notice this I did tell him how I feel about the situation and told him I would allow my daughter to live the same way I did with fears of a man.Of course like all abusers out there him coward up and denied all I said to him.

I had a talk with her and told her what I am seeing I told her this worried me because I also was once that naive young lady too and I was a victim just like her. This upset her a lot but I knew I had to speak with her now before she gets in too deep and suffer the same years I suffered in my life.

It is the most painful thing to let your child become young adults on their own. Very hard to let them learn on their own seeing they become victims of domestic violence so I knew I just could not just let this happen to my daughter. Parents please are aware of your child’s pain, know when to reach out and help them. We cannot fail our children we have to teach them they are survivors. God Bless


One thought on “When it’s You Own Daughter That’s The Victim

  1. We will pray for her and You , But she needs to get out of that bad relationship he is a coward who has no confidence in self that he can trust her and have a God centered relationship of trust ,hopefully she can meet a young man of God who is sure of his self and where He stands. In God n life!

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