Domestic violence is it an epidemic sweeping the world today or is it just ignorance. This is something we have to look at in two different parts so we can change and stop this violence form hitting another generation of our future.

   The generation of the future begins with our children today; our children are the ones that make the chance of stopping violence from plaguing in Gods world.  So we begin with “how do we do this?”

  Depending on the way we raise our children and the morals we instill in them is how it will affect their future as they become adults in their lives. If we teach our children the words of God beginning at a toddlers age and instill the scripture and the knowledge about the bible and what Jesus did for us and the understanding he is our savior through life until our eternal calling to the Lord, this knowledge will always be with them.  Just like teaching them to walk, talk, ride a bike, tie their shoe, sing, use the restroom on their own, eating and read once learn they will always keep these things in their minds they will be things that is never forgotten. Every day they will grow acting on these knowledge’s we have taught them and it becomes a natural practice automatically everyday without thinking of it, it becomes an instinct as part of their daily routine. If we neglect to teach them the world of God then this is something they will never know to follow.

  Children are like sponges they more they learn, hear, see or witness in life as a children will reflect their lives and how they will raise their children later in adulthood.

  If they are raise into a life of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence; this will make a major impact on them it’s the environment they adapted to live in. Just like an animal , if a baby bear cub was born into the wilderness it adapts to its surroundings /environment learns how to eat  protect himself in nature for survival , hunt for food attack when its threaten. Then take a baby bear cub that is raise from birth in a zoo. Its upbringing is totally different a lot calmer and tamed. Their food is brought to them by man, its surrounding has no danger to use their protective instincts so they to adapt to their life style.

 Now take and put that baby bear that’s in the wilderness and place it in the cubs den at the zoo how will this bear react? When man enter the den to feed the wild bear will react to the mans and his entrance into this surrounding. He will feel threaten and more and likely attack to protect himself from the danger he feels. They will even attack the other bears in this den to take their food also just to make sure its food supply is abundant.

  Take the bear that was raise in a zoo how will he react in the wilderness with other animals.  He will not know how to hunt for its food. Food was always provided for him. If another animal will approach him when he does find a bit to eat when this happens that bear will not have the survival instinct to depend and protect himself, so he will go hungry. This bear will not survive in the wilderness.

  This analogy is the same as our children today. If a child is raise around drug abuse, physical abuse, neglect, sometimes even sexual abuse, and domestic violence; this will be the environment they will ever know how to live. So they will grow to be aggressive, insecure of themselves, emotional and mental illnesses. They will be negative in society without a total promised future. They will be more apt to rely on substance abuse, weakness and violence with possibly major crimes committed. This is the only way they will know how to survive.

  If a child was raise with religion knowledge and wisdom then their future will look more positive to them as they are adults. They will progress in life and be more successful. They also will be able to share their knowledge and their wisdom to aid in helping the weak one to Find Jesus and change their lives. They will be strong enough to keep pressing to change the violence the substance abuse and make a change to Gods World.

   Let us as parents begin here today make our children a positive role model in their future. Let’s us be strong survivors and inspire and encourage other to do the same with their children’s future. By doing this it’s the only way we can stop the abuse that is plaguing the world today. Begin today and make a difference for tomorrow.




  1. I was bought up in an abuseive household. At a certain point in my life i decided i would be different. I caught myself smacking my sons bottom. I decided not to be like my mother and father .But you are right of course. Children need to be loved and to be given certain values to carry into adulthood.

    • My Children were not abuse this way .But some basic disIpline messures cannot hurt a child either., I usally would take somthing like their tv time and/or tellephone time and make them do a little writing just to explain waht they did wrong and a reason why it was srong then tell me what did they learn from it. That helps alot. I use writinr to express myself in many ways children do more than you ever can imagine when they are not given a choice to write.
      I have two daughters . We always had made little mailboxes out of empty tissue boxes, When ever one had somthing that was bothersome they could write a letter to the person what bothered them the most. Its a very positive way of disipline and also they are learning skills of writting at the same time . We found this happened to work the best

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