I started taking pictures of clouds. Everyone has a story to them. People don’t think of the clouds, but to me they are the closet to heaven we have here on earth.  I have a lot of them stored on my cellular phone I take pictures of clouds when I go for walks to push agoraphobia another glory to reminding me to keep walking.

We should use the analogy of a Storm cloud ,our lives pretty much for most people go pretty much quite like cloud go really unnoticed. You think your life is valued by love ones, husbands, wives, fiancés children, friends, pastors etc., really things are building up slowly as a conglomerate binding together.

Making the way for a powerful self- destructing and devastating event as we see in nature a hurricane, tornado a mixture of a cold front and warm front. As a good woman being silently abused, physically, emotionally, sexually and destroying the soul of a woman. Rain is destructive as it is responsible for floods adding the destruction of rain. The rivers, streams, creeks, canals flowing into the mother natures flow and ecosystem for all living creatures in the ocean.

While the wind, raised, combines with fire fueled by heat dryness destructing lives dreams and you become soul searching at your core your soul.

You then look at life again realizing the reason for fueling your life and the soul of the people then reach to them to find Jesus to refuel their soul people then reach to Jesus to refuel their soul, heart, and their wellbeing. We overlook Jesus has always been with us walking on the beach even though there was only one footprint in the sands he lives in all of us.

The analogy of a thunderstorm is that splitting of molecules and nuclei of atoms replenish the level of oxygen. As you notice the clean smell of the ozone plentiful after the thunderstorm and lightning storm and we have the ability to rebuild our core of our soul many times a day, a week, a month but overlook the power of Christ. Fear no one God is our creator of the universe, oceans, mountains, the Earths stars, plants, and the balance of life. So give our soul to the Lord and release all holds on your growth by yourself from depression, anxiety or any mental illness or control from your abusive love one or friend. Follow the training of your Creator totally total wholeness body heart and soul. 


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