The Gift From O…


The Gift From Our Creator.

  Flowers always have a little or a lot of setbacks in growth. Our Creator (Maker in Heaven) has given us nature to brighten to strengthen us through a near death experience or self-destruction. He has given us as well as the flower a great root system through strengthened the soul us through self-destruction. And despair when we have the lost the strength to carry on we are given the gift of our Creator which is always part of our heart and soul. When we have loss drive to go on or lose faith. Flower as well as human at times at times has given up on itself the beautiful buds start to wilter and we close and isolate out from ourselves and others.

   All this time the Creator, has given us our inner strength and soul to protect us ” a root system” that we have within our soul spirit soul inspiration  He has given us the total gift of his son to guide us through life.  We are meant by our creation to be social beings and too many times we shelter, hide self – punish, and create a mindset of confusion. We always for look for strength and guidance from loved ones and family a home we believe has unconditioned love as we do for them but to many times they look at those who suffer social anxiety, bipolar, agoraphobia those who have been sexually abused or molested as a child who trusted who they look up to for guidance to become a whole person. As they have entrusted as the believed had the best interest with them had built a path of disbelief uncertainty confusion and self-disbelief.      

  As well as the flower the gift as the root given that was given to us same as the flower we must follow our Creator given divine gift of nurturing, feeding, loving and  the total and truthful self to our gift given to us from Creator our most precious gift our children given the gift the sacrifice so we can follow total happiness through scripture as well as socialization. We become alone in our ourselves building strength in numbers is our gift to help us through life, but as society has grown to be polically incorrect the gift given us the creature celebration his words the church where we can socialize on solid ground the bible. Unfortunately as society as grown generation after generation the gift has been lost so much because the division of church and state. So sad that our children or are told that they cannot enjoy or promote the words of our Creator in the public that our Creator the government or politically believe it is unjust to have written on the currency and coins in God we trust, the Pledge of Allegiance is being attack saying in God.

   Why don’t people see that society has become too much independence as we are teaching our children to be just for them self’s the gift we should share the gift of mother has given to animals, plant, trees, flowers and all mother nature created the strength of socializing nurturing growing as one  not like ourselves human as divided ourselves form others and lost the gift of socializing mentoring nurturing loving praying , and become a god Given strength of numbers , the power of attraction we have people overlook is the love inspiration and scripture that we as society should look as ourselves as a flower does to thru the root system to strengthen growth of body and soul that has setback environmental, by shutting yourself disbelief and his total gift of wholeness during time of loss life family relationships look within yourselves  to self-search your gift of life and priceless, gift of live given to us. Looking thru the mirror, soul search you have the strength to carry on yourself without help from others beside the gift of life inspiration love from our Creator.  When in time of despair uncertainty. Death, failed relationship unguided a water of friendships loss of self-belief abuse, neglect. Domestic violence, rape molestation and so many other unfortunate happenings’.

   In time of distress look to find in the wild the gift of a flower that’s buds  to see the growth the buds, the smell  of the gift of our Creator to help us through the unfortunate in life. Flowers as well as we being in a garden as well as a church the ability to bloom pollinate for growth beauty.

  The analogy I written to a friend, family and stranger can be changed goodness thru the gift of smile that has unmistaken just the flower has the ability to self-start a new inspiration to overcome hurt.  A hibiscus plant a flower beauty attracts hummingbirds and bees has shown us nature. The human has destruct of Mother Nature through greed of money and politically.

 We have in recent years fought over global warming it’s a sign of our Creator to renew. Unfortunately the mishap of mass shootings, storms and tragedies that hurt life of adult and children has given us reason a come together as a whole complete society as our Creator in Heaven has intended in the beginning of his creations.


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