Jesus Blood Is In Our Veins

There is power in the blood of Jesus, and that power is not something which stays outside of us. That is a power which we can actually feel, which symbolically we eat, which we drink, with which we become transfused. God’s blood pumps in our veins.    Knowing we have the blood of god we have the  power to transform our lives. . We have been redeemed. We have had your blood cleansed by the blood of Jesus. God’s blood pumps through our veins. For me, this  It contains all life. It transports the oxygen, which is the revealing spirit. It brings all nourishment to the soul. This blood is universal for all people. It will heal your soul; it will fight your diseases;  your hurt, your fears and with the knowledge of this we will build us up into one holy body.   To receive the enlightened spirit of oxygen, the entire power by which your life is to be nourished with hope, with joy, with ecstasy, with love, the entire way in which we are going to prevent further diseases from happening, and, if we have problems, the way in which we will be cleansed and healed is none other than that blood which dripped from Jesus on Mt. Calvary. God’s blood pulses through our veins. We are the literal actual body of Christ.

  Let me put this in a different concept.  Sometimes when we are hurt, scared or in pain , we give up on a lot of our faith. Why do we do this because we are human. When we have so much evil and wickedness in our life’s but still try to work past the evil and the pain. The harder we try to work through all of our burdens the more weaker we become.  Just like a car for example when driving the car there is bumps and curves to go through. Same as our live we have struggles and burdens to drive through . As with a car we get to a certain point were we have a steep hill to drive so the car is in overdrive running hot. We to get to the point of with so much pain and hurt in us we also are like climbing that steep hill in life. We end up driving an emotional roller coaster of hills we are also in overdrive. We get burned out mentally and give up on our own faith like a car that is in overdrive it runs out of gas and only on fumes now so the engine becomes slower and weaker . It runs out of gas just like we in a concept lose faith.    As with the car they are built with a reserve tank enough gas to keep pushing until we get to were we are going.  We have a God built reserve tank in us to keep pushing.  That tank is called our soul and inner peace.     The is where we build back up the blood of God and renew ourselves. With the car we go to the station and  fill the tank back up, and the engine once again will run stronger. Like a station for gas we use the word of God to renew our strength, with knowledge and enrich our blood so we run stronger too.     I myself  have been through so much pain and abuse in my life . Given up on hope and my own faith . I started to study the word of God and writing scripture for my spiritual healing so now I have renewed to God and the holy spirit my blood is enriched with holiness.


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