Just My Way I Overcame Alot



Many peple have ask How I overcame so much in such little time. The time was not a thing to me .I was just finding answers and trusting God. I have posted a simuliar post to my blog page it has helped many understand my healing.

There comes a point it your life when you just keep asking “why?” or “why me?” Then questions seem to keep replaying over and over. Not always having the answers ten to make us lose faith. Faith in ourselves and faith in our Lord. Our inner peace feels shattered we feel worthless and alone. How do we find the answers when we are ready to give up?

I myself have been there for far too long. I gave up on myself my dignity and my morals. I lost that peace in me. I had nothing else but one last prayer to God to help me find my answers. Having nothing to lose now I went down to my knees and did a prayer.

  God please heal me. I cry constantly begging you to heal me. Struggles and confusion that are causing me pain. I’m afraid .God I beg of you heal me with your all loving power. Make these thoughts disappear. Make me strong. My heart soul body and mind are yours my God. I am your servant, your daughter. My love for you has grown. I wish I could see you my beautiful father. Feel you or at least hear you. Tell me I will be ok.Tell me these struggles will disappear. My God don’t leave me alone. I don’t know what’s to come in the future but I cannot do it without you. I hand you these thought and troubles that are misguiding me for my healing take them from me God. I beg you In Jesus Name; help me find will and strength to find my healing. AMEN!!

I cried for what seemed to be hours after this prayer. I think it was Gods way of having me release it all to him. After this cry I felt the Lord has hear me I felt some relief.

I realized then Jesus has never let me he was there all along beside me. I just for go to let go and Hand my burdens to Jesus. God gave his son to carry burdens and hurt your pain and your fears if we just let go.

I have started taking steps to heal from my pain .I know after years of hiding all of my abuse this will be a very long road for me to walk on. I have chosen that I have to keep walking with Jesus as my savior I trust he will not fail me. I have to admit these steps are never going to be easy for me but this is what I need to do to find closure and have happiness in my life. I knew as long as I had faith in my healing Jesus would walk in my journey beside me.

I know now that I have found my healing and start a new journey in life. This journey will have some stumble and fall. Lot bumps will I will hit along the way. Jesus will hold my hand and guide me to keep walking. Psalm 30:2 O LORD my God; I cried out to You, And You healed me. Psalm 107:19-20 Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble.



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