Jesus heals me and he has walks with me

I have renewed myself in Christ to help me heal. I suffer many mental illness due to truama of abuse in my life. He has helped me find my way out of the wicked life I have been trpped in. For 25 years of abuse . I have hid my pain didnt know how to speak out to others. I cried to Jesus to help me to take my hand and guide me through my suffering.

He has answered me I got out of the violence of physical/emotional abuse and a violent rape in my marriage and from my past abuse as a child.

Many times I gave up on the Lord asking “Why me, why do you want me to suffer in this life”.  I know my answers now and i will commit myself to the Lords plan with me. I will speak through Jesus to others and help them find Jesus in their own healing…

O’ Father Almighty, my maker in Heaven, I have question my own faith in you many times I allowed the wickness and evil in my life blind me from you. I understand my suffering I handed all for your son to carry .I reached for his had to walk my journey to your plan to devine destine. I will keep reaching to other to help find faith in you for their own destine with spiritual healing of your word. I will do this In Jesus Name I pray AMEN!!


2 thoughts on “Jesus heals me and he has walks with me

  1. He lift me out of the slimy. Pit,
    Out of the Mud and Mire;
    He set my Feet on a Rock
    And gave me a frim place to STAND.
    He put a New SOnG in my mouth,
    A hymn of Praise to our God,
    I Desire to do Your will,My God;
    Your Law is with in my heart.
    Psalm 40:2-3,8
    Troubles without. Number surround me , Psalm 40:12

    DoAllInHim Ministry. <

  2. “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Romans 12:2

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