Miss Treated And Forgotten

This is just a poem I wrote when i was hurting. Sometimes when you just write your feelings dow you acually are getting them out Your releasing some hurt and some pain this way..I find when i write I do get relief, But at the same time I still felt alone.

We are not alone . Reach out to someone who has the same pain you will see just sharing your story will help you see how many people are really abused out there.

Please post your feeling here whether a poem or just venting share your feeling ask for prayers.


 Spending years doing what i know best, then the lord puts me thru his test.

 A test of  my own strength the hardest test, two things that i never knew best.

 Being a woman my mother has taught me, to keep a strong happy family;

 Something she forgot to teach me well, that time in life can feel like hell.

 People forget just how much you do ,that feel like its thing a mother is suppose to;

 Pushing her feelings and shoved being aside, this is the time a woman loses pride.

She loses the strength and  faith she once had, as she grow alone and very sad’.

 These are feeling thats grow so rotten, when you feel mistreated and forgotten


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