Healing Through our Lord Scriptures

I am the LORD who heals you” — Exodus 15:26 Anyone who’s paying any attention while reading the Gospel accounts of Jesus has a hard time avoiding the impression that Jesus healed people of physical illnesses. Not only did Jesus do it early and often (so often that during His life, His healings were seen as a trademark of His work), but He is reported in Scripture to have given his followers the ability to do the same, and more.

Jesus did his healings in the context of Isaiah 53:5 (according to Matt 8:17). That’s an atonement passage. It’s tempting to simplistically link all healing with the Lord’s Supper, and treat healing as a fait accomplice, as if it’s already there for the asking. But the Eucharist is about Jesus’ presence, which is not only an ‘already’, but a ‘not-yet’. The body and blood ‘already’ were shed to save us, and believers in Christ are ‘already’ a part of the Kingdom of God, but we await his ‘not-yet’ return ( 1 Corinthians 11:26). That’s why there isn’t perfect healing in this life, any more than there is perfect living. The Christian faith does not deny brokenness. It denies that brokenness has the last word. Healing is a foretaste of a Kingdom that has not yet come in its fullness.


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