My Destiny

Jesus has made a big difference in me.  I pray to him everyday I have accepted the fact .I need Jesus with me.  I handed him all the pain of the wickedness I have endured in my life.  He is my savior he will save me from my past and direct me to God’s divine destiny.  I am writing a book,  I started it a few months ago.  It’s about my life of abuse and the mental illness i have from hiding. I call this book (more like a journal)  ”  I Am Not A Victim I’m A Survivor And Survivors Heal Too” . Hope you all like this title.  I have my story , prayers and scriptures and poems I have written during my pain in these years, and inspiration for others.  I am writing this book for many reasons, First for my mom God rest her soul she was a survivor also, for my girls they need to know to be strong and never hide in pain like I did, My third reason is for every victim out their to become a survivor speak out and get out of your pain. The biggest reason for my writing is for me, I need closure, God has chosen me to encourage and give spiritual healing to others. He has This plan for me. It is my destiny.

Oh Mighty God In Heaven I thank you for your power of prayer your commitment to your Glory, I thank you for your son our savior who is walking me through my journey in life. I thank you for giving the knowledge and your promise of divine destiny, I reach out to you God to keep giving me the strength to follow my destiny and keep  inspiring and encouraging others. I trust in you God that you will give me healing and closure here before I receive my calling to eternal life .Thank you O Mighty Father In Jesus name I pray AMEN !!


2 thoughts on “My Destiny

  1. You can use this book to help others, and I pray that our Lord will move your mind and heart (and hands) to say just what needs to be given to the hurting ones….

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