The Purple Butterfly

`  I know I tend to be an over thinker sometimes.Mind forever is working now because im finding healing. so I will share this with you because its inspiration to me: Not many stop and think of a butterfly and what it means in a spiritual way. I know myself I have seen many butterflies enjoyed their beauty but didn’t stop and think of Gods purpose for every creation he has gave to us. The butterfly has such powerful meaning other than its glory. a butterfly symbolizes change, rebirth, renewal and happiness. Butterflies represent the joy and happiness of transformation. This insect starts life as a caterpillar, then spins its cocoon.

During the time the caterpillar lies dormant sequestered off from the rest of the world, there is a period of great transition and change. Finally after this time of self-imposed seclusion and transition, the caterpillar awakens and emerges, transformed, forever changed into a beautiful butterfly. The colors of butterflies come in many ways and these colors also symbolize its beauty too. Colors make a direct energy contribution towards our physical, mental and spiritual development. Not all of see this in life either. The Yellow Ray stimulates mental growth by way of the brain. We think in yellow – WISDOM. Red Ray provides sustenance for the physical body, gaining entrance by way of the breath. We feel in red – ACTIVITY. Blue is the color of distance – oceans, skies, the heavens. The energy of blue helps us to look beyond the immediate environment, expanding our perceptions towards the unknown. Orange combines red and yellow. It contains the fiery energy of red with the wisdom and control of yellow. Orange is a dynamic energy like red but more thoughtful and controlled.Green = LIFE, BALANCE, NATURE Green is the merging of yellow (mind) and blue (spirit). It is located exactly at the point of color balance – midway between red and violet on the color spectrum. Indigo = INFINITY while blue is calming, indigo is sedating. Lastly there is Violet = HIGHEST ELEMENT OF spiritual mastery should be viewed as both a completion as well as a beginning.

So the next time you see a beautiful butterfly  past remember God has them here for purpose. His purpose is to heal us for pain despair or confusion we may have in Gods world. We all suffer our struggles in life but in the end of our suffering God does has a reason to feel healing and be the butterfly so we can fly free with meaning of healing I  feel the purple butterfly is the sign that we all become because through our healing of abuse , we do get out of a cocoon ( isolated sheltered minds hiding in pain and feeling ashamed of allowing ourselves to not speak out  do to our low self esteem our abusers inflict upon up.)  We become that butterfly them we renew our minds to become strong through Jesus .  Our colors will change as we keep faith that we will keep growing and become a stronger person. Once we our the purple butterfly we are now no longer victims we are survivors now.

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7 thoughts on “The Purple Butterfly

  1. My daughter loves anything butterfly. And afrer reading this.. I perfectly agree. Her choice of butterfly, perfectly reflects her personality.. A purple butterfly is her preferred.. I am blessed to have a daughter like her♡♡♡♡★★☆☆

  2. My Mother’s favorite color combined with my life long love of everything “butterflies”!!
    A wonderous combination of God’s beauty, Life and the tranquility of color….

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